"When we feel like we belong, we feel connected and safe."
— Simon Sinek


To help Realtors build better relationships and stronger communities by creating exceptional email experiences with a distinctly human touch.

Why I exist...

I believe people who feel a strong sense of belonging build better communities.

What I do...

I empower and inspire people to connect, engage, and feel at home.

How I do it...

I create exceptional email experiences w/a distinctly human touch.

"Our company had long been in need of a quarterly newsletter, but we had never quite managed to make it happen on our own. Lynnette came to our rescue with a depth of marketing knowledge and an abundance of creative ideas and we were quickly sold. During the planning stages, she set clear expectations and timelines so everyone was on the same page early on. Her modus operandi is communicating well, responding quickly, and remaining upbeat, patient, and flexible. Most importantly, she’s got her finger on the pulse of the latest happenings in Portland. We are in love with the content she brings to our newsletter each quarter and are so glad we found her!"

Angie Doughton
Office Manager at Inhabit Real Estate


Lynnette Fusilier

Pearl District neighbor. Lover of coffee, yoga, and curiosity. Creator of exceptional email experiences and connector of people, places, and things. I feel most at home whenever I bike across a city bridge and glimpse the view.

Chad Walsh

Alphabet District neighbor. Lover of cheeseburgers, Old Fashioneds and cooking at home. Eater of all the foods, writer of some. I feel most at home jogging through or getting lost in Forest Park.

Chris Young

FoPo neighbor. Lover of potatoes, beer, and music. Maker of magazines, and fortuitously community. I feel most at home hiking, biking, running, camping or otherwise adventuring through woods and ’hoods near and far.


Writing & editing

blog posts
lead magnets
content upgrades


content strategy
email program design


account setup
landing pages

"Lynnette does great work! She's reliable and always on the ball. A skilled and creative marketer, she makes running the web presence for my business easy! From web design to SEO to newsletters, she covers the whole gammet. I wholeheartedly recommend her!"

Rodrigo Hulse
Owner, Portland Loan Team



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