"When we feel like we belong, we feel connected and safe."
— Simon Sinek


To help Realtors build better relationships and stronger communities by creating exceptional email experiences with a distinctly human touch.

Why I exist...

I believe people who feel a strong sense of belonging build better communities.

What I do...

I empower and inspire people to connect, engage, and feel at home.

How I do it...

I create exceptional email experiences w/a distinctly human touch.


Lynnette Fusilier

Pearl District neighbor. Lover of coffee, yoga, and curiosity. Creator of exceptional email experiences and connector of people, places, and things. I feel most at home whenever I bike across a city bridge and glimpse the view.

Chad Walsh

Alphabet District neighbor. Lover of cheeseburgers, Old Fashioneds and cooking at home. Eater of all the foods, writer of some. I feel most at home jogging through or getting lost in Forest Park.

Chris Young

FoPo neighbor. Lover of potatoes, beer, and music. Maker of magazines, and fortuitously community. I feel most at home hiking, biking, running, camping or otherwise adventuring through woods and ’hoods near and far.


Writing & editing

blog posts
lead magnets
content upgrades


content strategy
email program design


account setup
landing pages

"We’ve been working with Lynnette for nearly a year and couldn’t be happier. Our email marketing program is organized and intentional, and we use it to reach our customers and leads organically. Lynnette understands our voice as a company, offers direction for improvement, and helps us build meaningful relationships with our peeps."

Tracey Hicks
Owner, All Things Real Estate



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