How to build trust and grow your business

trust Mar 10, 2020

Spoiler alert: When it comes to building trust and growing your business, consistency is everything.

Last year, I set some pretty lofty goals for myself. I decided to write a weekly blog post and email newsletter. My blond ambition tour got off to a solid start, but life happened and derailed my plans. Or at least that's the lie I told myself.

To my credit, I wrote 21 blog posts and email newsletters—but I also blew the promise I made to myself and my subscribers. But it wasn't life that derailed my plans—it was goal creep. I took on new goals like a leaky boat takes on water, and that, not life, derailed my plans.

Avoiding goal creep is the key to being consistent, building trust, and growing your business. And today, I want...

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The truth about trust, relationships, and success

Trust is an inside job.

Before you can build trust and nurture relationships with others, you must trust yourself.

You've probably heard the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. And that's because self-trust and self-love empower you to build good relationships with other people. You create better connections because you're generous, have healthy boundaries, understand your needs, and recognize that you are human—capable of mistakes and worthy of forgiveness.

When you trust yourself, you do three things that will dramatically improve your relationships: you take risks, embrace failure and mistakes, and act decisively.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Taking risks

Building relationships with other people is an act...

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Why focusing on trust now is essential to your future success

privacy respect trust Jan 14, 2020

[This post is the first in a 12-part series on building trust, privacy legislation, and consumer expectations.]

Have you noticed the "do not sell my data" button popping up on websites you visit or received an influx of privacy policy updates in your inbox?

Here's why! On January 1, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect, and businesses are scrambling to implement compliance updates, including "do not sell my data" buttons and updated privacy policies.

The National Law Review breaks it down: "The CCPA applies to any for-profit business that handles "personal information" of California residents or business-to-consumer contacts, or has California-based employees," and that meet any one of three thresholds:

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3 lessons from the ghosts of email marketing past, present, and future

Do you think about the past, present, and future of your business? If you're like my clients and students, you're sorting out what hasn't worked, what's working now, and what will work best for your business in 2020.

But sometimes, it's not the platform, channel, strategy, or tactic that's not working—it's how you use or think about it that needs to evolve. And other times, the platform, channel, strategy, or tactic adapt because the world changes. That's why I recommend getting curious about why before you dismiss, accept, or tweak what you're doing. 

In the case of email marketing, how we use it in the future will evolve to keep pace with our changing world. And you have the opportunity to adopt these practices now...

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How to improve the design of your email newsletter

design newsletters Sep 25, 2019

Do you want to improve how your email newsletter looks and performs? Every email you send offers an opportunity to build trust, nurture relationships, boost brand recognition, and generate referrals. However, good design is essential to make those things happen.

Sending your message is only half the battle. You must make it easy for your audience to consume the info and take action—design matters!

Engagement improves when you focus on creating an exceptional experience for your audience. Here are seven simple ways to make the magic happen.

Add white space

Breathing is a big deal. You'll die without it, and so will your message. Give your words and design elements a little breathing room by adding white space.

"White Space in...

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Mailchimp mailbag: Your questions answered

Do you have questions about Mailchimp? If you're like my Realtor students and clients, the answer is yes!

Today, I'd like to address the three most common questions Realtors ask me about Mailchimp. And I'll answer additional questions in future installments of Mailchimp Mailbag. The catch? I need questions to answer, so consider this your invitation.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Q. Does Mailchimp remove unsubscribers from multiple audiences/lists?

No. An audience is an independent collection of subscribers, data, and reports. If you add a single contact to three different audiences, Mailchimp sees three people instead of one.

Here's why you don't want duplicate contacts across multiple audiences:

  • Price: “Mailchimp treats all...
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3 things you need to know about emoji and email marketing

email marketing emoji Aug 15, 2019

One of my favorite memories of my mom is when she sang Enya's "Orinoco Flow" at the top of her lungs. Instead of "sail away," she always belted out "save the whales." She had no idea she was doing it wrong. And I never told her because it never stopped being funny.

These days, our communication fails extend from real life to the Internet, and they're as laughable as they are cringeworthy.  Check out #momtexts on Twitter and @autocorrectfails on Instagram for a taste.

Sometimes, our communication fails arise from a simple misunderstanding (like my mom). And other times, these fails are due to our unfamiliarity with things like technology or slang (like @autocorrectfails and #momtexts).

But the most common reason...

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How to get better marketing results with less content

content repurposing Jul 17, 2019

Are you a fan of cooking multiple meals from a single ingredient? For example, you buy a rotisserie chicken from New Seasons Market and serve it with asparagus on night one. Then you use the leftover chicken to make chicken enchiladas with salsa verde, asparagus and chicken salad with ginger dressing, and chicken and peach flatbread during the week.

This type of meal planning offers some compelling benefits. You save time and money while decreasing stress and waste. And, of course, you enjoy the delicious meals you planned and prepared. So satisfying!

You can also apply this concept to your marketing by repurposing a single piece of content in multiple ways. For example, you can repurpose the blog post you created about Portland's ten...

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How to improve your newsletter content in 5 simple steps

content newsletters Jul 10, 2019

How often do you sit down to whip out your newsletter and then get frustrated because what's in your mind isn't translating on your screen?

Maybe you don't know what to write about, can't locate your brand assets or photos, have trouble finding the right words, the formatting is giving you fits, or you can't believe it takes so much time to write a few measly paragraphs. As a result, you may feel stuck, stupid, flustered, or a combo of all three—and if you do, please know you're not alone.

Here's the truth: creating good content is hard—even for professionals who do it for a living. But you can make creating content easier by taking the right steps: defining your goals, narrowing your audience, setting yourself up for...

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5 amazing ways a consistent newsletter will benefit you

Do you have a super-hairy dog in your life who has received his or her obligatory summertime puppy-cut?

A freshly shorn pupper looks like they’ve dropped major pounds, instantly. And that always makes me giggle because then I want a puppy cut, too. 

If it was only that easy, right?

Weight loss is the result of something called the compound effect. Unlike our suddenly slim pooch pals, dramatic results don’t happen because of a single event. Results happen because the little things we do on a regular basis add up and reach a tipping point. 

Marketing is no different. Showing up adds up and, eventually, blows up into your desired result.

A newsletter offers a unique opportunity to connect directly with your audience,...

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