How to generate real estate leads with Mailchimp—no website required

 Do you want more qualified leads? If you're like most Realtors, the answer is yes. Also duh. But the problem with lead generation in the real estate industry is that you've probably been trained to pay for leads instead of taught to generate them yourself.

But paying for leads doesn't always work out well—or so I've read on industry forums. There are lengthy threads about the cost and quality of using third parties for lead generation.

If you're ready to cut your dependence on third-party leads, there are two key things you need to generate them yourself: landing pages and traffic. And in this post, we'll take a look at both.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Create a landing page

Oh yeah, this is simple—if you understand what a landing page is, why it's important, and why Mailchimp is a good solution when you want to create one.

What's a landing page?

For marketing purposes, a landing page is a web page with the sole purpose of converting site visitors into leads. It can be integrated with your website or a standalone page on the web.

A landing page offers something of value (like a free download or report) in exchange for a site visitor's contact information. This information is collected through a lead capture form and added to your CRM or email service provider. Then you're able to market to your new lead, based on what you know about them.

How does a landing page differ from other web pages?

Web pages like home, about, services, and contact are integrated parts of your website. They're cohesive in design, share the same navigation menu, and work together to guide visitors around your site.

A good landing page helps visitors focus on a specific goal by eliminating distractions (like the navigation menu or social icons), telling them what you'd like them to do and why, making a valuable offer, and delivering a clear call to action.

Why are landing pages important for Realtors?

Landing pages are effective lead-generation tools. You can create multiple landing pages designed to deliver specific offers to specific audiences at all points in the homebuyer/seller journey. As you might guess, this focused approach will increase your conversions and win you more clients.

Why is Mailchimp a good solution for Realtors who want to build landing pages?

You may think of Mailchimp as a newsletter service, and email marketing is something the company excels at—but Mailchimp has evolved into a marketing automation platform. It offers a suite of tools that make marketing easier and more efficient. Inside your Mailchimp account, you can create and track these marketing campaigns:

  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Google remarketing ads
  • Landing pages
  • Postcards
  • Email

Mailchimp is an excellent landing-page solution for Realtors because you can build as many landing pages as you'd like—for free. And creating these pages is easy because Mailchimp offers drag-and-drop templates that are simple to use and look fantastic. 

These landing pages are standalone pages hosted by Mailchimp, so your own website is not required to use them. And even if you do have your own site, it may be more comfortable and cost-effective to work with Mailchimp rather than a web developer.

But my favorite reason to use Mailchimp to build landing pages is they play nicely with the other tools. For example, you can drive traffic to your landing page with an Instagram ad you create inside Mailchimp. You can also send a welcome email or email series to leads who sign up on your landing page, automatically. In a nutshell, you can create marketing campaigns that are always on and work hard for you 24/7/365.

Drive traffic to your landing page

Landing pages are useless without traffic. So, the crucial second thing you must do to generate leads using Mailchimp is drive consistent traffic to your landing page. Here are some options for how to do that.

Social ads (paid)

Mailchimp offers one convenient location to create, buy, and track the results of your Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can send targeted traffic to your landing page in four easy steps right inside Mailchimp:

  • select where you'd like your ad to appear
  • target the right audience
  • set your budget
  • design your ad

Take a deeper dive into Mailchimp's social ad builder in this post (Jump to the section "Connecting with your target audience.")

Social media 

Share the URL of your landing page directly with individuals or add it to your profile via Linktree. If you use Google Analytics, you can see how much traffic your social media accounts are driving to your landing page(s).

You can also drop the link to your landing page during your Facebook live videos, or share them in Instagram Stories.


Segment your email list and share your landing page with the right audience. 

Calls to action on your website

Add a call to action on your homepage (or other popular pages on your site) and point visitors in the direction of your best offers. Or add specific calls to action to your blog posts that click through to relevant landing pages and offers.

Online communities and forums

Part of a Facebook group or other online community where you regularly engage and add value? If permitted, share your landing page URL when the right opportunity arises.

What else you need to know about landing pages

Like anything, generating leads takes practice and mastering the essential elements—strong headlines, copy, visuals, call to action, social proof, etc.—of landing page design.

Landing page mastery requires consistently testing pages, reviewing results, and making tweaks.

But once you get the hang of it, you can add an automated welcome email or email series to the mix. And this will create a lead-gen system that works in the background while you take care of business.

Now what?!

If you're tired of paying third parties serious coin for so-so leads, consider learning to generate your own. Lead generation is an essential part of a successful real estate practice, and it's definitely worth the time investment. But you can't give up if your first effort isn't successful. Mastery will come through consistent effort.

You've got this!



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