How to market your business effectively in 3 simple steps—even when life happens

I have a confession to make. Maybe you noticed. Perhaps not. But after a strong first quarter of weekly blog posts and email newsletters, I lost my momentum and fell off the marketing wagon.

Life happened. I got busy, moved to a new apartment, and failed to do the three simple things that made my previous marketing efforts a success.

Failure is a gift. I understand how hard it is to market yourself consistently. And that makes me a compassionate teacher. But I also know from experience that it's both doable and sustainable when you plan, prep, and commit. And that makes me confident that if I can do it, then you can too.

Let's dive in, shall we?


I rolled into 2019 with my marketing strategy and plan dialed. (Goals ✔️Audience ✔️Content ✔️Frequency ✔️Metrics ✔️) My first quarter blog posts and email newsletter topics were organized in a spreadsheet—titled, outlined, and dated. And my deadlines and publication dates were calendared. 🐲🔥#khaleesi

That level of planning was accomplished over a single leisurely December weekend. I intended to create my Q2 plan during Q1. But my success made me a bit cocky, and I decided planning wasn't necessary because I was on a hot streak. In Greek mythology and Shakespeare, that shit's known as hubris. And it always precedes a fall.

Not sure about you, but sitting down at a blank computer screen with an equally empty brain is the worst thing ever. Especially when life isn't so leisurely, and work gets nutty. And that's precisely when planning is your BFF—because it enables you to market your business during busy times and continue doing good business during lean times.

If you stop marketing when the real estate market's hot, your pipeline dries up, and you won't have clients when the market slows down. But you must have a plan in order to make marketing sustainable when things get heated.


It's not enough to plan your marketing, you also have to set yourself up for success. And that requires a little preparation.

Here's what preparation looks like for me. I have a brand style guide that essentially acts as my brain when I get swamped. The guide contains my branding elements, style guide, editorial calendar, and documentation of my process. I have all my documents, passwords, graphics, and images at my fingertips. Because when I'm busy or have a mad case of the feels, my brain doesn't have space for any of these things. Can you relate?

Being prepared ensures that the limited bandwidth I have during crunch time is spent executing my marketing—not searching for marketing assets, trying to remember passwords, or being unable to ask for help when I need it most.

I know many Realtors who are incredibly busy but can't grow their business because their process isn't documented and their assets are disorganized. That means stopping and explaining the ins and outs of your business to the person who's trying to help you. Who has time for that?


The final step of consistently marketing yourself is commitment. No matter what you do—blog, vlog, get social, network, etc.—if you don't schedule it, it won't happen.

Marketing is a lot like working out. It requires commitment. And another way it's similar is that marketing can get boring because it's repetitious. Even if you're writing or vlogging about a different topic every week, the act of sitting down and doing it will get old. Especially if the sun's out and your Realtor pals are sipping rosé on a patio.

You don't get a lean body and stay lean without effort, right? And that's why most of us aren't lean. It's a grind. But the payoff is amazing. And the same is true with marketing.

Shiny object syndrome is another way we avoid making a commitment to our marketing. By doing what's new and popular, we're never bored. But we also never plan, prepare or commit—or succeed.

Now what?!

 If you've wondered what it takes to market yourself consistently, it is both doable and sustainable when you plan, prepare, and commit.

The steps are simple, but being human adds a layer of complication. If you're like me and you've fallen off the marketing wagon or you're making your first attempt, these steps will help you succeed despite life happening around you. 

I know you can do it. But if you need help, I'm here for ya.

Keep on marketing, my lovely. 😘



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