How to reach the right audience with your email newsletter

newsletters Jun 13, 2019

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say marketing is a goal-oriented activity. When your marketing aligns with your business goals, you do three things that deliver better results—focus, budget, and measure.

The problem is that most Realtors are short on time, money, marketing know-how, or a combination of the three. And if you're like my clients and students, you skip planning and start executing because you feel pressured to do something right now.

Planning doesn't add more to your plate. It seems counter-intuitive, but it helps you avoid distraction, save money, and figure out what works. It's all about quality over quantity and doing less, better.

In this post, we're continuing our series on email newsletter planning. Last week, we chatted about goals and what you want to achieve with your newsletter. Today, we're diving into your audience and clarifying who you're writing to, crafting content that's tailored to them, and connecting with them in a meaningful way.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Clarify who you're writing to

Whenever I present the audience slide of my continuing education class on newsletter planning, I get quizzical looks from my students. You send your newsletter to your email list. End of story, right? 🤨

Blasting your entire list with the same newsletter was popular years ago, but email service providers like Mailchimp are much more sophisticated now.

Today, you're able to divide your audience into smaller segments and use CRM tools like tags to label subscribers with common characteristics and behaviors. So this makes it easy to communicate with more relevance. Because when you market to everyone, you market to no one.

You don't have to send your newsletter to everyone on your list. It's in your best interest to pick and choose an audience who aligns with your goals.

Let's look at some examples:

  • Your business goal is increasing client referrals by 10 percent. Your newsletter audience is clients who wrote reviews about your business.
  • Your business goal is increasing sales by 15 percent. The purpose of your newsletter is following up with your audience of open-house leads.
  • Your business goal is to convert 10 percent of your leads to clients. Your newsletter goal is to nurture your audience of first-time buyers.

What are your business goals, and how can you align your newsletter goals and audience to support them?

Craft content tailored to them

It's tough to create a newsletter that will appeal to everyone on your list. Conversely, it's much easier to be relevant when you're writing for a specific audience with a particular purpose. 

Think about how you communicate with buyers versus sellers, VIP clients versus leads, or luxury-home clients versus first-time home buyers. Vastly different in every way, right? 

When you have a specific newsletter audience, and you understand their pain points and aspirations, you will use an appropriate voice, tone, and style and deliver content that resonates with them. 

Connect in a meaningful way

Time for a little tough love. People don't want to sign up for your newsletter. Or any newsletter. They want information that helps them reach a goal, entertains or educates, or offers something of value to them. 

When you're trying to build the right newsletter audience, it's vital that you not invite people to sign up for your newsletter. Make an offer that will resonate.

I'll use my signup form offer as an example. Which is more likely to covert?

  1. Sign up for my newsletter
  2. Get actionable tips, tutorials, and marketing know-how delivered to your inbox, weekly

Number two by a long shot. Not only does it offer something of value that my target audience wants, it tells them what to expect and when to expect it. And that, my friends, is huge.

Once your signup form offer is compelling, you can use it to grow your audience. Here are some ways you can use your signup form:

  • add it to your website (as a pop-up, an embedded form, or both)
  • share it on social media
  • include it in your email signature
  • download Mailchimp Subscribe, a FREE app that turns your tablet into a signup form, and collect new subscribers at open houses, events, or meetings

 Now what?!

If your newsletter is a source of stress, narrowing down your audience will be a welcome change. Having a specific audience makes communicating with them, crafting content for them, and connecting with them more simple and straight-forward.

You've got this. And if you need a hand, I'm here for you.



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