The truth about trust, relationships, and success

Trust is an inside job.

Before you can build trust and nurture relationships with others, you must trust yourself.

You've probably heard the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. And that's because self-trust and self-love empower you to build good relationships with other people. You create better connections because you're generous, have healthy boundaries, understand your needs, and recognize that you are human—capable of mistakes and worthy of forgiveness.

When you trust yourself, you do three things that will dramatically improve your relationships: you take risks, embrace failure and mistakes, and act decisively.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Taking risks

Building relationships with other people is an act of faith in yourself. It requires courage to put yourself out there! To approach people, start conversations, and deepen connections, you must be vulnerable and authentic—both acts that require self-trust.

Embracing failure and mistakes

Success is impossible without failure and mistakes. It's how we learn and hone our skills. But without self-trust, we don't have confidence in our ability to handle outcomes we don't want. And often, this lack of confidence leads to procrastination or playing it safe. Michael Jordan famously said, "I missed 100% of the shots I never took." 

Acting decisively

The need for approval kneecaps decisive action. And when you don't trust yourself to make decisions, you signal to others that you are unworthy of their trust. Decisive action demonstrates self-trust. It requires you to own your message, response, and mistakes. 

Now what?!

Building trust with others cannot happen until you build confidence in yourself. Self-trust enables us to take risks, embrace failure and mistakes, and take decisive action. Truth bomb: trusting yourself is the foundation of building relationships with others—and pivotal to your success



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