3 lessons from the ghosts of email marketing past, present, and future

Do you think about the past, present, and future of your business? If you're like my clients and students, you're sorting out what hasn't worked, what's working now, and what will work best for your business in 2020.

But sometimes, it's not the platform, channel, strategy, or tactic that's not working—it's how you use or think about it that needs to evolve. And other times, the platform, channel, strategy, or tactic adapt because the world changes. That's why I recommend getting curious about why before you dismiss, accept, or tweak what you're doing. 

In the case of email marketing, how we use it in the future will evolve to keep pace with our changing world. And you have the opportunity to adopt these practices now...

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Learn how email marketing can lessen your anxiety, increase your confidence, and make your business sustainable no matter what’s happening with the real estate market.