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Why email marketing?


With a return on investment (ROI) of 44:1, marketers consistently rate email as the top-performing channel across generations.


Mailchimp offers a free account up to 2,000 subscribers. Affordability is a factor in email marketing's high return on investment.


You own your email list and have direct access to all of your contacts 24/7/365—unlike social media and search where you must pay to play.

"Lynnette is a total rock star! I've worked with her for many years now and always find her to be professional, creative, and practical. She is very communicative and prompt with getting me what I need. She has excellent ideas and always develops creative ways of marketing my business."

Eric Dunlap
Owner, Portland Loan Team

Why this newsletter service?

Expert assistance

From email marketing best practices to writing and editing chops to expertise on local people, places, and things—Portland Localist has your newsletter needs covered. 

Original local content

All newsletter photos and copy are crafted for you by a local loving Portlander. Topics are chosen during the one-hour consultation included with your subscription.

Distinctly you

Your clients gravitate to you for a reason—YOU! And that's why a generic newsletter won't do. It must be customized and created for you, and offer value to your audience.

(You'll never feel the pain of planning, writing, formatting, and editing your newsletter again. You're welcome. πŸ€—)

"Our company had long been in need of a quarterly newsletter, but we had never quite managed to make it happen on our own. Lynnette came to our rescue with a depth of marketing knowledge and an abundance of creative ideas and we were quickly sold. During the planning stages, she set clear expectations and timelines so everyone was on the same page early on. Her modus operandi is communicating well, responding quickly, and remaining upbeat, patient, and flexible. Most importantly, she’s got her finger on the pulse of the latest happenings in Portland. We are in love with the content she brings to our newsletter each quarter and are so glad we found her!"

Angie Doughton
Office Manager at Inhabit Real Estate

How the service works

  • Mailchimp account setup (if you have an account already, you'll need to add me as a user on your account or supply me with your login credentials)
  • contact list import (you must supply CSV file)—and yes, you may update it each month
  • Newsletter design with your branding assets (you must supply or direct me where to obtain your logo, color palette, photo, contact details, and URL)
  • Twelve monthly newsletters to your sphere. Each newsletter will include five photos and five sections of copy (75-150 words each)
  • One-hour consultation to discuss your business goals, branding, style, personality, and content strategy

View a sample here. This is the format for your newsletter (5 photos/5 sections of copy)

Okay, let's go through this:

  • Logo: we'll add yours here
  • Heading (June 2019): the month and year will be updated
  • Subheading (under June 2019) This sentence is a teaser about the information in your newsletter
  • Three images: correspond with three sections of copy below.
  • Explore section: This is an opportunity to showcase your local expertise and personality.
    • If you farm Beaumont-Wilshire, for example, you might choose to highlight a local retailer, restaurant, and neighbor every month. 
    • If you love the arts, you might choose to highlight a local artist, mural, and gallery every month.
    • If you're a foodie, you might choose to highlight a new food cart, pop-up, or restaurant, a fave dive bar, and local dish you love every month.
    • The possibilities are endless! And that's what the one-hour consultation is all about.
  • Things to do section: This section is a spot to showcase local events or open houses.
  • Closing: Your photo, signature, and contact details.

Make sense? 

After you purchase your subscription, I'll contact you and schedule our one-hour consultation.

During that time, we'll chat about your business goals, branding, style, and personality. And then we'll brainstorm topics that can be tackled over the course of a year. For example, there are 95 Portland neighborhoods, so you could easily write 12 descriptions. (Well, you meaning me. πŸ˜‰) So we'd pick the 12 you want to showcase, together. And then we'd tackle the next two topics and two events the same way.

I'm skilled at content development and love helping my clients develop content assets they can repurpose. If you're planning to build a website and want neighborhood descriptions, for example, your newsletter will give you 12 descriptions you can repurpose. How cool is that?!

You'll always receive a draft of the newsletter to review before it's published. 

  • Sign your contract
  • Meet with me for a one-hour consultation
  • Supply your branding assets
  • Supply a CSV file of your contacts
  • Keep your subscription current
  • Approve drafts in a timely manner (you have one week); if you fail to approve the draft, it will be sent on your behalf.

All subscriptions include:

  • Mailchimp account setup
  • contact list import: (You must supply a CSV file); can be updated monthly
  • Newsletter design with your branding assets
  • Twelve monthly newsletters. Each newsletter will include five photos and five sections of copy (75-150 words each)
  • One-hour consultation to discuss your business goals, branding, style, personality, and content strategy

There are three subscription options:

  • monthly: Pay $350 per month
  • quarterly: Pay $975 per quarter (save $300) 
  • annual: Pay $3600 (save $600)

Contracts are required for all newsletter subscriptions. I use Hello Sign for e-signatures and you'll receive a copy for your records.

There is a 30-day written cancellation clause, should you need it.

When you purchase a subscription, the following will happen:

  • After purchasing your subscription, you'll be directed to a purchase confirmation page and asked to create an account with your first name, last name, and password. Please do this or you won't receive important info.
  • Your receipt will be sent via email
  • I'll send a follow-up email with a list of digital assets I'll need to design your newsletter, an invitation to schedule your one-hour consultation, and some things to mull over prior to our meeting.
  • We'll meet at the appointed time and brainstorm your newsletter content
  • Your newsletter design and first draft will be created and sent for your approval. 
  • Your newsletter will be scheduled for publication.
  • You'll receive a draft for subsequent months.

If you're unsatisfied with your newsletter, it's imperative that you communicate that to me immediately. I will work with you closely to ensure you're delighted with your newsletter. Otherwise, I will refund your payment. (The goal with immediate feedback is to refund a single payment, not 12. Ya feel me? 😎)

If something comes up and you need to cancel your subscription, submit your 30-day written notice. I get that life happens and have no desire to make your life difficult.

Satisfaction guarantee

Creating a professional newsletter that captures you and your brand and delivers value to your audience is my priority. If you're not satisfied, your payment will be refunded.